In-Person and Online Worship

Saint Mary's is now offering worship online on Sundays at 9:00 am and Wednesdays at Noon via Zoom. We are offering worship in-person on Sundays at 10:30 am with optional masks and limited seating capacity.

For more on our current policy, please click here.

The first time you attend via Zoom you may be asked to install an app on your phone, tablet, or computer.Please do so; it's pretty easy.

After this, clicking on the invitation link will take you directly to what Zoom calls a meeting and what we're calling worship. If you're early, be patient: we'll be with you soon! A password is not required to access our worship online.

You may also dial 312-626-6799 on any phone to participate by audio only by. You will need to dial in the Meeting ID noted below.

To learn more about Zoom, please visit their website. And you can always call Fr. Gary (731-589-3370) or email him if you need any assistance.

Join us online on Sundays at 9:00 am

We are now also offering worship in person on Sundays at 10:30 am with limited seating capacity.

Click on the following link on your smartphone, tablet, or computer:

Or call 312-626-6799, Meeting ID: 712 842 429.

The bulletin for Sunday worship in PDF format: 

MP II 06 20 21.pdf MP II 06 20 21.pdf
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Type : pdf
Join us online on Wednesdays at noon
Click on the following link on your smartphone, tablet, or computer:

Or call 312-626-6799, Meeting ID: 151 774 938.

The bulletin for Wednesday worship in PDF format:

Noon 06 16 21.pdf Noon 06 16 21.pdf
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Spiritual Communion

For those who cannot receive Holy Communion at church

Saint Augustine's Prayer Book, a book of devotions from the Anglican Order of the Holy Cross, includes a devotion offered especially for those who cannot receive Holy Communion, as is the case for all of us during the coronavirus pandemic, but who may be seeking an alternative.

The devotion begins as follows:

The Book of Common Prayer reminds us that if one is unable to actually consume the consecrated bread and wine due to extreme sickness or disability, the desire is enough for God to grant all the benefits of communion. When being present at a celebration of the Eucharist is absolutely impossible, this act of prayer and meditation can provide the means by which you can associate yourself with the Eucharistic Action and open yourself to God’s grace and blessing. 

This is suitable for individuals and families and may be downloaded below.

Spiritual_Communion.pdf Spiritual_Communion.pdf
Size : 70.679 Kb
Type : pdf
Deacon Fletch has shared some other resources you may find handy, listed below:

The first is the Book of Common Prayer in a PDF format, just in case you don't have a copy at home.

The second is A Lenten Order for Compline which offers a different liturgy for each day of the week.

The Daily Office from The Mission of St. Clare is another useful site that provides Morning, Noonday, Evening and Compline prayers.

For those of you who simply can't live without hearing a sermon, Sermons that Work is an Episcopal Church site that provides a variety of resources, including the sermons presented by our Worship Leaders during Morning Prayer.

Finally, Episcopal News Service is a good source to to keep informed of current actions and guidelines being promulgated by the National Church, especially as they relate to the Church's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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