Liturgical Schedule in August

Sunday, August 5 — The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost 

Chalice: Lynda Thurman 

Lector: Donna Palmer 

Prayers: Dudley Davis 

Acolyte. Mary Emery 

Usher: Bob Dean 

Vestry Person of the Day: Betty Hammond 

Sunday, August 12 — The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost 

Officiant: Scott Haight 

Lector: Phil Crihfield 

Prayers: Wilma Heathcott 

Acolyte. Anna Glass 

Usher: Phil Crihfield 

Vestry Person of the Day: Karen Bowyer 

Sunday, August 19 — The Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost 

Chalice: Mary Stuart David 

Lector: Murray Hudson 

Prayers: Bobbie Milligan 

Acolyte. Amelia Langford 

Usher: Bobbie Milligan 

Vestry Person of the Day: Rachel Craig 

Sunday, August 26 — The Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost 

Chalice: Kenny Brunson 

Lector: Wendy Hedrick 

Prayers: Donna Palmer 

Acolyte. Anna Claire Wright 

Usher: Tiffani Glass 

Vestry Person of the Day: Jenny Wright 

If you are unable to serve as scheduled, please arrange a replacement. Thank you!

The Lessons

Readings for Sunday and other days may be found here on The Lectionary Page. 

In the season after Pentecost Saint Mary's uses the readings from Track 2 of the Revised Common Lectionary.